The Great Outdoors


There is access to some of the most beautiful hiking spots in the world. Hike next to creeks and waterfalls on the Ranch, along Lake Sonoma or over on the Coast.

Local Parks and Hiking



Wildlife is abundant all around the Ranch. You will see wild turkeys, foxes, deer, raccoons, skunks, quail, eagles, bobcats and most certainly, our famous wild pigs of Sonoma.

A great article on wild pigs...


The Ranch House would make a great halfway point for a bike trip between Healdsburg and the coast. The route is definitely for the serious cyclist or motorcyclist.

Lake Sonoma

Lake Sonoma, at the end of Dry Creek Valley, has gorgeous views, 40 miles of trails, boating and fishing access as well. To get a good overview of all it has to offer since it was constructed in 1983, click here for details about the Lake Sonoma Recreation Area.

The Retreat is about a 15 minute hike to the Lake Sonoma trailhead that takes you to Old Saw Mill hike-in campground. For a good overall map, click here.

To see and download detailed trail maps, click here.

You hike into the Lake Sonoma Recreation area along Warms Springs (below), which runs along the ranch's property.